Eye Blacks

Eye Blacks

EyeBlack is the innovator of customized EyeBlack for athletes and fans. Over 40 Million sold. Authentic Performance EyeBlack Strips – worn by Pros and Collegiate athletes everywhere, and great for fans, too! Tested and proven medical grade materials. Helps reduce glare. Easy to Apply (Peel and Stick) – Easy to Remove. Available in Black, and all Team colors, including Pink. Also available with mascots, college logos, Major league Baseball, or Grid iron collection. Comes in a two pair pack, and Made in the U.S.A.

Available Styles

Classic Eye Black

Warrior Eye Black

Smear Eye Black

Eye Blacks Combo Packs

18 Pair Traveling Pack & 1 Tube Grease

150 Pair Eye Black & 8 Tubes Grease

300 Pair Eye Black & 16 Tubes Grease

Build Your Brand with Premium Eye Blacks

Premium Eye Black

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